We free founders - fully focused, more revenue, out of admin prison

Get a trained world-class assistant, a custom built delegation system, and ongoing delegation coaching.

Delegation done for you

Don't waste your time and money trying to figure out delegation on your own. FreedUp matches you with an assistant, custom builds all your systems, and trains your assistant on your systems in under 30 days for less than the cost of your lowest paid employee.

We Build Your Systems

We'll custom build all your systems and processes based on the needs of you and your business.

Check out our playbook library here:
Playbook Library

We Provide You With a Dedicated Assistant

We tailor match you with a world-class, dedicated assistant and handle every step of the process - hiring, legal, training, onboarding, etc.

We Custom Train Your Assistant on The Systems we Built

After we've built your systems, we'll completely train your assistant on them so they can hit the ground with you, day 1.

We Provide Ongoing Delegation Coaching

Your life and business will evolve from our initial onboarding. We'll be there coach you through the evoluation as you grow.

Playbook Starters

Choose from over 40 playbooks starters that we can custom build for you.


Meal Plan & Grocery Ordering


Cold Outreach


Personal CRM Building & Management


Manage Shipping & Returns

How it works



Fill out this form and let us know about your business and what you need help with. We'll immediately send you a link to set up a call with us.
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Pay Deposit

If you're a good fit, we'll ask you to pay a half-month initiation deposit. As soon as you do, we'll start the search for your assistant and send you our "Onboarding Questionnaire".

Onboarding Questionnaire

Our cathartic "Onboarding Questionnaire" is an online form which will gather all the information we need to get starting on building your custom systems and process, inside the platforms you and your team are currently using.

We'll walk through all our playbooks you'll identify which you need the most and if there are some that we have not listed that you and your busines need.

Meeting with Coaches

As a follow-up to your "Onboarding Questionnaire" and in preparation to build your systems, our delegation coaches will meet with to you to better understand your preferences.

For example - you need your assistant to maintain "Inbox Zero" for you - but do you want them to respond to emails as you, forward emails to themselves, or do you want us to decide what's best?

Kickoff with Fully Trained Assistant and Custom Built Delegation System

After our meeting, we'll go to work literally building and documenting all the systems and processes you'll need (10 to 15 to start with) to delegate 100% of your life's admin load.

We'll then immediately train your new assistant on all those processes so that when we kick off, from day 1 your assistant will already know exactly what they need to do without you having to organize anything.

10x more support,
10x less effort




Time, etc

DIY US-Based

DIY Offshore

Assistant Training
Tailor trained by us on your systems
Custom Built Systems
Unlimited playbooks
Delegation Coaching
Weekly Coaching Check-ins
Support Hours/Wk
Full-time (40+ hours/week)
22 hours/wk
15 hours/wk
~$80,000 + benefits
Task based - $5 to $10/hr
Your time is expensive
Your admin load is costing you. Multiply your hourly rate by the number of hours you're spending each week on admin tasks, at home and at work.
Your focus is more expensive
What makes you the most money? What if you could do 3 times more of that? Your business would grow.
Your health and relationships are at risk
Spend less time in the weeds and more time with the people who matter most. Be fully present and free of stress.

Our most frequently asked questions

What kinds of tasks can I delegate to my assistant?

Anything across your business and personal life. See our list of current playbooks here:

Playbook Library

Note: this isn't an exhaustive list. We can build any custom playbooks your need during onboarding.

Where do your assistants live? Is $3k/month expensive?

Our Full-time assistants are offshore, but are professional, experienced, fluent in English and work in your time zone. All have undergrad degrees and many of Masters or other advanced degrees.

It's true - you can find offshore admin help for $5/hr. But at that rate, you never know what you're going to get and you'll only be able to delegate simple one-off tasks.

Besides, you'll have to burn countless hours searching, interviewing, hiring, building your own systems, training and onboarding. You're too busy for that.

What if I have never hired an assistant?

Our extensive onboarding process is designed to help both the experienced and the veterans learn the most effective and efficient ways to delegate to an assistant. We’ll be there every step of the way to guide you.

Can my assistant do personal tasks?

YES! You are one person. If you’re stressed at home, then you’ll be stressed at work, and vice-versa.

What happens if my assistant isn’t working out?

We hope this doesn’t happen, but if it does, we’ll work fast to get you a replacement and make the transition as smooth as possible.